• 27 Feb

    Adjusting to Your Hearing Aids

    The following tips can help you adjust to your new hearing aids and get the most out of every listening experience. Start Wearing Your Hearing Aids Your hearing care professional ...

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  • 30 Jan
  • 21 Dec
  • 18 Nov
  • 21 Oct

    Selecting a Hearing Aid

    Treating hearing loss is important, and can improve your quality of life, earnings, relationships, self-confidence and happiness. If you are considering purchasing hearing aids, you will find there are many ...

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At GN Audiology we pride ourselves in being able to save hearing loss patients thousands of dollars on name brand hearing aid purchases. Fierce competition combined with rigorous research to satisfy the demands of the hearing aid market, among major hearing aid manufacturers, has lead to highly sophisticated hearing aid production designed to help patients hear all the sounds of life.

We offer an extensive affordable hearing aid selection as well as interest-free financing options. In addition, a supply of hearing aid batteries for one year is included in our pricing. Listed below is our current special offer from hearing aid manufacturing giant Oticon.

For questions regarding pricing on a particular name brand hearing aid make and model, please call us at 516-261-9398.