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Connect to the World and Rediscover Hearing

Published January 30th, 2018 by Unknown

Choosing the right hearing aids is the beginning of the journey to hearing well again. Now that you own new hearing aids, it is time to maximize your listening experiences and rediscover the sounds you have been missing.

Although modern hearing aids are a complete communication system, it still takes first-time wearers time to adjust to their new hearing aids. Additionally, there is a lot to learn about how to use, maintain and care for your hearing aids. Consider reaching out to a family member, friend or loved one who can help you adjust to the new responsibilities of hearing aid ownership.

Most importantly, go slow, learn one thing at a time, practice and stay in contact with your hearing healthcare professional. All will take time, but know that many hearing aid wearers say the time spent adjusting is well worth the benefits.

Till next time,

Kostas (Gus) Neoclis, Sc.D., CCC-A, Audiologist

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