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How to Recognize Hearing Problems

Published May 20th, 2017 by Unknown

Millions of Americans suffer from hearing loss. When hearing loss is gradual, as in the case of age related hearing loss people may not realize that they have lost their ability to hear as well as they used to. If you suspect that you may have had hearing loss for a while, but have not done anything about it, that is not unusual. On average, it takes people seven years from the time they think they might have a hearing loss to the time they seek treatment.

If you answer yes to some of the following questions, you may have hearing loss.

- Often ask people to repeat what they say?

- Have trouble hearing in groups?

- Think others mumble?

- Fail to hear someone talking from behind you?

- Turn up the volume on the TV or car radio?

- Have difficulty on the phone?

- Have trouble hearing your alarm clock?

- Have difficulty hearing at the movies?

- Dread going to noisy parties or restaurants?

If you or a loved suspect a hearing loss please contact your local Audiologist or Hearing Aid Specialist to schedule a hearing test.

Till next time,

Kostas (Gus) Neoclis, Sc.D., CCC-A, Audiologist

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