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How Treating Hearing Loss Improves Your Relationships

Published February 19th, 2020 by Unknown

We humans are social beings; reacting to each other’s emotions unconsciously everyday. As social creatures the importance of communication is unparalleled. Conversations with our friends, coworkers and significant others keep us excited and engaged in an active life. Our social life and its health are directly connected to our success and happiness. When someone is living with undiagnosed or untreated hearing loss communication is compromised and the effects of letting this go on can be detrimental. The people closest to you may be the first to notice as hearing loss creeps up on us over time. If your loved ones have taken the time to suggest that you should get your hearing checked this is an act of love and care. The common treatment for most hearing loss are hearing aids and in most cases they can make a substantial difference for the betterment of your hearing.

Hearing Loss by Statistics

If you do have hearing loss rest assured that this is a common condition. Impaired hearing is the third most chronic condition in the U.S. behind diabetes and cancer. It is estimated that 48 million people in the U.S. are living with hearing loss but 30 million are choosing not to use hearing aids. This is alarming because when people live with untreated hearing loss it’s their relationships that suffer. When the relationships that have been your anchor through life are strained this can lead to irritability, anxiety, social isolation and depression.

A survey from Brittan in 2009 collected information from 1,500 people and found that 69% or two thirds reported that hearing loss made it difficult to maintain daily conversation with friends and family. This lead 52% of people surveyed to feel ignored and excluded from social situations. The most fascinating part of this survey was the success of treatment with hearing aids. Over 50% reported a huge improvement in the quality of their relationships and social situations when hearing aids were used.

Communication With Hearing Loss

When hearing loss goes untreated despite being able to hear is not the problem but understanding what is being said. It is often certain consonants or pitches that diminish first causing the brain to work overtime to fill in the missing information. This increases the cognitive load of the brain often causing more fatigue than before just by participating in social situations. Another instance where hearing becomes a challenge is in a crowded place. Even if you have been a social person through out your life suddenly when a hearing loss surfaces the struggle to isolate a single voice in a crowded room is enough to choose to avoid social situations all together. This kind of social isolation can lead people to become depressed as they opt to avoid activities that once brought an individual joy. In your relationships at home this can lead to frustration with your significant other and family. This strain if untreated can often lead marriages that were once strong to become estranged and even cause a split.

How Hearing Aids Help with Communication

When you understand some of the risks of not treating your hearing loss avoiding treatment starts to seem ridiculous. Why risk the depression, anxiety, isolation and break down of your most intimate relationships when you could take the leap and schedule a hearing test? Hearing tests are quick, non-invasive and painless. Once you know the nature of your hearing loss your audiologist will help you find the best hearing aids for your needs and lifestyle. Hearing aids can help you hear again in social situations out in the world and back at home. You have a chance to start to rebuild the relationships in your life that may have suffered as your hearing became compromised. You can indulge in long conversations, shared humor and daily stories that are the building blocks of strong intimate relationships! You can feel more confident in social situations as well making it easier to reengage in the things that bring you joy. Do not delay in scheduling a hearing loss as soon as possible. You have so much to gain from treating your hearing loss and getting back to living the life with the people who bring you joy in life.

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