• Wonderful, professional service!! Very quick and easy diagnosis. Wouldhighly recommend!!

  • I am so happy with my new hearing aids. I am finally able to hear again and don’t have to worry about not hearing people anymore. It also doesn’t hurt that the prices here are so much more inexpensive than anywhere else

  • Dr. Neoclis is very knowledgeable and my whole experience was top notch. I recommend this facility to anyone. After shopping around, I saved at least $1500 on my pair of hearing aids from GN Audiology. Plus, I get free service and battery supplies for the life of my hearing aids.

  • I am very happy with my experience at GN Audiology. Dr. Neoclis is wonderful and the office is so modern and pretty. Most importantly I can hear again.

  • At GN Audiology you get the best of both worlds. You get the expertise and knowledge of Dr. Neoclis, who is an Audiologist, and prices that are better than Warehouse Wholesale Clubs.

At GN Audiology we pride ourselves in being able to save hearing loss patients thousands of dollars on name brand hearing aid purchases. Fierce competition combined with rigorous research to satisfy the demands of the hearing aid market, among major hearing aid manufacturers, has lead to highly sophisticated hearing aid production designed to help patients hear all the sounds of life.

We offer an extensive affordable hearing aid selection as well as interest-free financing options. In addition, a supply of hearing aid batteries for one year is included in our pricing. Listed below is our current special offer from hearing aid manufacturing giant Oticon.

For questions regarding pricing on a particular name brand hearing aid make and model, please call us at 516-261-9398.