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  • I've known Gus since college, about 15 years. Besides being a down to earth great guy he's also a knowledgeable and caring clinician. That's why when my dad was having a hearing issue that was affecting his ability to enjoy playing and listening to his guitar, I called Gus to see if he could help. My dad was hesitant to go and test his hearing and even more about possibly starting to wear hearing aid. As soon as we got to Gus' store, we received quick service and he really took the time to listens to my dad's needs and concerns. My dad ended up with a hearing aid that not only was aesthetically pleasing but was super affordable. With his new hearing aid he's shocked at how much hearing quality he had lost and how much more enjoyable it is when he listens to music. Great personal service and experience, don't hesitate to go!

  • Gus is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable and wants what's best for his patients and makes the best recommendations based on their individual needs.

  • We were looking at different places for digital hearing aids but everywhere we went they were asking for anywhere from $3000 to $6000. We finally visited the Audiologist at GN Audiology and we purchased digital hearing aids for a fraction of the price they were asking for elsewhere. Dr. Neoclis also assured us that we would never have to buy batteries again as they would provide us with free batteries for the life of my mother's hearing aids. Both myself and my mother are so thankful to him for restoring her hearing. She is so happy now as am I!

  • Wonderful, professional service!! Very quick and easy diagnosis. Would highly recommend!!

  • For as far back as I can remember, my mother has had hearing problems, always struggling to follow conversations and not even able to hear the doorbell. Sure, she could have got hearing aids years ago but she didn’t like how they looked or how much they cost. That is until she came across GN Audiology. Doctor Gus tested her hearing very thoroughly and recommended some fantastic hearing aids that are so discreet to wear and at a price that is so easily affordable – we didn’t find anything this cheap anywhere else on Long Island. It has transformed her life and ours!